vesta mebel-nido by robin falck sipoo finland

I really like this cute little summer cabin mostly because of its size but also because of how it looks like. The name is Nido (from the Italian word for “nest”) and is the personal getaway place of the young Finnish designer Robin Falk. He maded it with local or recycled materials only. The cabin has a huge window that looks up and brings a lot of light. There is also a big wooden platform (or a terrace if you prefer), that is the best part of the design. The building is composed only of a small sitting area with a miniature kitchen and a bed on the second level. What more do we need to feel at home in the heart of the forest?

vesta mebel-nido

The dimensions of the cabin are close to those of the old bungalows you can find in the Bulgarian mountains or the seaside, but the essential difference is that this cabin is completely separated from other buildings – there is neighboring bungalows and people to make loud partys till morning. It is just a small place in the huge wilderness. It is so different from all the big vacation houses with lots of bedrooms that are used only a couple of week in the year. Most people carry over their city way of life when they go on vocation in a remote village, or at the mountain, or the sea. I think we all can learn from small cabin in the northern forests there is a simpler, more natural way to take a break.

vesta mebel-nido_sept2012_out vesta mebel-nido inside by robin falck sipoo finland


There is another one of my favorite cottages in the woods – this romantic house made of windows in West Virginia.

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