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Remember the Dutch glass extention, which I wrote about recently? I guess I like these renovations because I definitely pay more attention to them than to any other type of extensions. There is something magical about making new extentions, that are very different not only in material, construction and appearance from the old building, but also with their airiness and openness to the surrounding area so different from traditional houses.

This particular extension is remarkable with the owners’ luck to find two skeletons in their yard during the construction. It was quite a stressful event before they found out the skeletons were from the Roman period. During the excavations an urn and the walls of a fort were discovered, then eventually the owners we able to continue the construction of the new extantion of the house. The main building was built in 1856 and was intended for the servants in the mansion across the green meadow. Originally these buildings are very dark and with small windows so this glass pavilion, and several additional interventions to the house were mend to totally change the feel of the interior of the house and especially in the living area, while the bedrooms remain in the dark and closed original volume of the house, but they too, are decorated almost entirely in white.

Besides the visual connection with the garden through the glass wall, the living room is actualy quite literally open to the garden with its huge glass doors that allow the inside to flow out to the wood platform in front of the extention and the green lawn in front.

vesta mebel-The-Glass-House-AR-Design-Studio-02-1-Kindesign vesta mebel-The-Glass-House-AR-Design-Studio-03-1-Kindesignvesta mebel-The-Glass-House-AR-Design-Studio-10-1-Kindesign vesta mebel-The-Glass-House-AR-Design-Studio-04-1-Kindesign vesta mebel-The-Glass-House-AR-Design-Studio-05-1-Kindesignvesta mebel-The-Glass-House-AR-Design-Studio-06-1-Kindesignvesta mebel-The-Glass-House-AR-Design-Studio-07-1-Kindesignvesta mebel-The-Glass-House-AR-Design-Studio-08-1-Kindesignvesta mebel-The-Glass-House-AR-Design-Studio-09-1-Kindesignvesta mebel-The-Glass-House-AR-Design-Studio-15-1-Kindesign

Designed by the English AR Design Studio, who have considerable experience with glass structures; pictures are taken by Martin Gardner. More about the extension here.

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