vesta mebel-apple tree cottage

These days, along with the frequent rains in Sofia, the interiors I want to write about are all situated somehow quite on the northern part of the continent – I’ve wrote about places in England, Sweden and Denmark. Even the sun today and the interiors of Mallorca and Marseille, could not make me switch to sea and sunny places, instead I continue with the northern places with this gorgeous 17th century English countryside house in Suffolk, which looks so romantic from the outside but has a great interior too, and the best part is that it can be rented.

vesta mebel-apple tree cottage2

The colors are warm and bright, the roof rafters are left visible, as is the old brick pavement that gives a distingueshed rustic style to the cottage. Soft fabrics – carpets, pillows and sofas, high English beds, vintage furniture and design classics like the beautiful Carl Hansen’s Wishbone chairs (which normaly cost around 1000 USD, but can be found second hand for less than 200 USD)  give the house its specific atmosphere.

vesta mebel-apple tree cottage3vesta mebel-apple tree cottage4vesta mebel-apple tree cottage5vesta mebel-apple tree cottage6vesta mebel-apple tree cottage7vesta mebel-apple tree cottage8vesta mebel-apple tree cottage9vesta mebel-apple tree cottage10vesta mebel-apple tree cottage11vesta mebel-apple tree cottage12

More about this cute cottage on the site where you can rent it – Kid&Coe. All pictures are taken form there.

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