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It’s already the mid of July, and most people are already at the beach or are preparing to go there. For those of us who still have to be on out workplaces, I am continuing the series of romantic hotels on Greek islands, which started with these fine villas on the island of Santorini.

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Today will bring us on the island of Mykonos at the San Giorgio hotel.

The mesmerizing bohemian luxury, that welcomes the guests of this beautiful hotel, was created by two Germans who moved on Mykonos after years of work on Ibiza.

The hotel has 33 rooms which sizes vary between 25 or 55 sq. m. Each of them are furnished minimal and elegant – with carefully chosen details and accessories that enliven the space, but also impart a natural feel and all the materials are a visual delight to the eyes.

A bohemian luxury and whitewashed walls

Bleached wood furniture, muted colours, bright whitewashed walls, soft pillows and hand-woven hammocks everywhere predispose to complete rest and relaxation every guest of the hotel. The largest luxury the hotel offers is not the beautiful sea views but the possibility for a complete detachment from the everyday life and daily routine – it offers an opportunity to fully recharge one’s batteries.

Hand-woven baskets, traditional carpets, benches and small four- and three-legged chairs, masonry sinks, shelves, benches, mats and floor cushions – all of them form a perfect combination: The rustic texture of various wooden furniture combines perfectly with the clean whitewashed walls and various metal accessories.

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A complete holiday

The German owners Thomas Heyne and Mario Hertel created the concept of the hotel in keeping a complete detachment form the outside world that the room don’t even have TV – the staff will give you one only if you expressly ask for it, because TV’s (along with phones and computers of course :), are among the most important factors that hinder the complete relaxation.

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Worldwide recognition

With a German efficiency, the hotel soon became famous and even won certificate of distinction by the English travel site Trip Advisor two years in a row. It is also part of Design Hotels – a special selection of designer hotels in 40 countries worldwide with excellent hospitality, conceptual architecture and cultural identity.

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All photos taken from the hotel’s website.

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