vesta mebel-a.suite030 Nomads

Berlin has always something to impress with and that’s true for luxury rental properties too. The Nomads apartment is such a rental and is offered by a stylish online platform for rental apartaments – the Suites 030 – offering an alternative to luxurious hotels. So far they operate in Berlin only (as the name suggests deriving from the dialing code of the city), but plan to soon expand to other cities and probably in other countries too.

vesta mebel-a.suite030 Nomads2

The most impressive apartment they offer at the moment I think is the nomadic apartment. It has a very stylish and clean aesthetic and a carefully thought-out luxurius design. It combines charcoal gray color with the warmth of wood. The industrial components, the combination of steel and leather, sports accessories and musical instruments make it and interior with a very strong male character and elegance unusual for a rental. Such apartments are furnished rather impersonal most of the times to appeal to more people. Here, however, it is exactly the opposite – the design is very specific, but still makes a strong impression on absolutely everyone.

vesta mebel-a.suite030 Nomads4 vesta mebel-a.suite030 Nomads5vesta mebel-a.suite030 Nomads3vesta mebel-a.suite030 Nomads6

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