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This interior is a result of the renovation of an old Victorian house in Melbourne, where a second floor was added to the previous one-storey building. A new floor level and sliding windows that connect the interior with the inner courtyards of the house are also a unique feature of this beautiful house.

I have to admit that this interior at first grabbed me with the dreamy bookshelfs in the living room, but then I realized that Studio Four did a great job designing the interior. Their design relies on the strong relationship between interior and exterior, smooth transition through the spaces, which is especially visible in the living area and adding as much light as possible. The color palette is warm and neutral – with a lot of white, pale oak furniture and floors and gray as accent in the living room.

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There is a special place for eating outside in the backyard with a connection to the kitchen and dining room.

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The living room opens to the kitchen, but also to a inner courtyard. A sliding door opens the room to the courtyard when the weather is suitable and makes the transition between exterior and interior very smooth and unnoticeable.

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View from the entrance to the living room. In the foreground there is the preserved Victorian arch, then there is the entrance to the living room and the bookcase, which marks the transition to the dining room and the kitchen. The large windows facing the inner yard in the living room and those in the kitchen provide a lot of natural light that makes the house very comfortable and wellcoming.

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The bedroom on the ground floor.

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I found this house in Habitus living and Est. It is designed by Studio Four. The pictures are by Shannon McGrath.

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