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The “Flying House” is where currently lives the traveling tribe aka Tina Fussell’s family. She is an American who together with her husbands and children has litteraly lived around the world over the past 12 years – they have lived in Spain, then in Morocco and now they reside mainly in Copenhagen (besides the last six months in the US) and like any other foreigners there they struggle with the darkness in winter and the task of raising children abroad. Since 2008, Tina and her husband started a photography business, and she also maintains the blog Flying House by Traveling Mama and writes about life, travel and the challenge of raising children in foreign countries. As she describes it she is writing about:

living a creative and beautiful life from here to there

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I follow her blog for a while, mainly because I like the Danish stories and the beautiful photos and design ideas she shares. The blog can be very interesting and useful for anyone who lives abroad or travels abroad frequently, especially with children. They’ve just returned to Denmark and Tina is already sharing pictures of her danish home from a photoshoot a friend of her did a while a go. Of course, some pictures are no longer relevant since the kitchen and the dining room have been remodeled recently but I still want to share them mainly because that altough this is a home that will most likely be temporary (it’s rental) it still is arranged and furnished with care and diligence and have the comfort and cosiness of a real home.

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You won’t find any built-in and heavy furniture such as those in designer interiors, as in this Polish house for example. On the contrary  all wardrobes, chairs, even the couch are as small, light and compact as possible except of coarse for the kitchen cabinets that were are there when they rented the house. And altough Tina had to stuck to smaller pieces she still managed to creat a comfortable and beautiful home. The first thing that drived her to choose this particular house were the plain white walls and floors that look quite boring in my country but I can testify from personal experience they are essential for the good being during winter in these latitudes with their lack of sunlight. Moreover, she is quite tempted by the Scandinavian style and that’s why she choose to combine those white surfaces with gourgeous shades of gray and lavender, and she also uses gentle color accents for the rooms such as light blue in the dining room and the boys’ bedroom, or light pink in other bedrooms.

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A lot of the furniture were bought from IKEA (shelves, lamps, desks, wardrobes, etc.), but one can also spot some purely Danish designer pieces like the famous three-legged tables from Normann Copenhagen, some of the kitchen appliances and some lights.

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The photo session was taken by Holly Marder (styling), which in addition to her blog also writes an interesting column for decor8; photos are taken by Jansje Klazinga.

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