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A while ago I made a compilation of my favorite Bulgarian jewelry shops on Etsy. A lot of people liked the post and a there is till a lot of interestest to it, so I had checked it again. I actually realised there isn’t much information in it about any of these shops, so I decided to tell a little more about them in a new post. I chose them because I’ve bought items from some of them or I would like to buy something from each of them and I like not only their pictures, but I also like a lot the items they sell. I hope everyone will be able to find something that he or she likes and probably support one of the ladies who run these shops.

These is the first part of these shops:

1. ClarinJewelry

vesta mebel blog- clarin jewelry

This shop is owned by Plamena Naydenova from Sofia, who works as a graphic designer, but she says she dreams to be able to only work with ceramics. And I think all of her jewelry does seem made with lot of love. In the shop you can find both rings, (which to me are my favorites, probably because I wear a lot of rings and a large part of them are in the same style :), and beautiful ceramic necklaces with pendants in different colors.

2. Inspinatured

vesta mebel blog- Inspinatured

This marvelous brand new shop is owned by Michaela Angelova from Varna. She makes beautiful textile necklaces wearing which you can make an impression everywhere.

3. LiliaLy

vesta mebel blog- LiliaLy

Lilia Petkova is from Sofia. This is also a quite new shop in which you can find pendants, earrings and rings with glass spheres or glass cabochons. My favorite one is the blue medallion, which I seriously wonder if I would wear and if I am to buy it because I have almost the same ring and the two will fit very well, and this medallion with dandelions, because it looks so much as a light bulb :).

4.  ARTISUNtis

vesta mebel blog- ARTISUNtis

Here you can find beautiful jewelry from resin and metal bases made by a fashion designer from Sofia. The colors are nice and beautiful and the golden chips inside give much charm and uniqueness to each of the items.

5. NadiaTerra

vesta mebel blog- NadiaTerra

This shop is owned by Nadezhda Karapencheva from Burgas. She makes large ceramic beads for jewelry that seem to my like inspired by the prehistoric beads, often found on the Black Sea cost in Bulgaria and have this special summer romance feeling around them. Some of the beads I would wear as a pendant or just as string bracelet.

6. Portobelloknit

vesta mebel blog- Portobelloknit

Besides the beautiful name, you can find a variety of knit jewelry in this etsy shop. I am a very big fan of all things knitted, but I like these here mostly because of the interesting combination with other materials, which makes them more interesting, and because of the gentle feminine style and the love of flowers, which the author shows with them.

7. ElivoHandmadeShop

vesta mebel blog- ElivoHandmadeShop

Beautiful brooches made of yarn, necklaces and baskets where to keep them.

The second part with the other shops will be out next week. I have many interesting new things to show you after them, so be sure to check the blog from time to time. Or to subscribe!

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