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Last week I promised you all a sequel to my favorite Bulgarian jewelry shops in Etsy list so today is the day. Before I start I would want to remind the male part of the audience that these are very good gift ideas 😉

Here’s the second part of the list:

8. Sol Avis

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Owned by Viktoria Petrova from Kazanlak. Viktoria jewelry in collaboration with her boyfriend ever since she graduated from the university. The name of the shop literally means Sun/bird in Latin, because all the ideas of Victoria are inspired by nature. Here prefered materials are leather and wood, which is treated with pyrography and everything is very colorful and quite different from what can be found elsewhere.

9. missismiss

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Irina Karemova from Sofia also uses natural materials, but her style is very different – more simple, very graphic and modern. I like the most her leather bracelets and necklaces but you can also find many jewels with interesting knots, beads and rope in her shop.

10. MissiJewelry

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A brand new shop by Igrika and Maria from Sofia. I am a fan mostly of the leather feather earrings and bracelets.


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I generally do not wear any things in the shape of any kind of animal (though I was a huge fan of dragons once), but with these super cute brooches (especially the cats) I would definitely make an exception. An these Halloween ghosts are just gorgeous! Anastasia makes them with great love. She is Russian but lives in Varna and loves to mix techniques and use bright and cheerful colors.

12. WoodRebirth

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This shop is owned by Moni and Annie from Sofia, who only use fallen or cut branches that people would have discarded to make their jewelry – for them this is a kind of rebirth of the wood into something new. Very often, the forms themselves are derived from the original form of the tree, which makes them very interesting and truly unique.

13. AeternumNocturne

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Perhaps the most gothic of the gothis stores you can find in Etsy, Aeturnum Nocturne, owned by Ralitsa Demireva from Sofia, is unique among the shops I am showing you and even if you aren’t a gothic fan will find beautiful and feminine jewelry that can be worn in a variety of cases.

14. TimestopperJewellery

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And if you are a steampunk fan, or at least like jewelry made of clock parts and mechanisms, then this shop is for you. Surely you have seen their jewels in various festivals in Sofia, but you can also order them online.

I hope you’d like the selection! These are the most interesting shops, I’ve come across so far, but I often find great new ones, so probably I will share more things in the future. Of course, I’m open for suggestions – you can write them in the comments below!

Don’t forget to check the first part of the list too – it is also very interesting!

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