What do you do when you’dont have enough space but you still want to live normally? You start to be very resourceful. As some of you may know, such projects for smallscale apartments are of particular interest to me, so I was very glad when a friend shared with me a video showing this tiny apartment. It was mad in 2008, so the project isn’t very new, but it is still interesting and there you can find some ideas that can be applied everywhere.

The owner is a photographer and his office is situated close by. He also travels often because of his work, so he really does not need so much space and also he needs a home which requires little maintenance. That is why this tiny apartment on the roof of a residential building in Barcelona with a beautiful view of the city is perfect for him. The spanish architect Barbara Appolloni takes the task to convert the uninhabitable space in this constantly changing environment in which everything is at your fingertips and can be hidden behind wooden doors when not in use.

The interior is inspired by the boats’ space-saving furniture, and by the Japanese interior design where everithing is hidden leaving free space. The same principle is used here – an entire wooden wall hides all appliances and cabinets. There are two main materials – one wall is entirely made of wood, the other is made of special building panels called Viroc, made from pinewood particles mixed with cement.

A slightly larger kitchen than you would expect is hidden behind the wooden panels – it is about two meters long. I’ve made kitchens the same size in some Sofia normal sized apartments. There is a hob plate, a 45 sm dishwasher, a normal size built-in refrigerator with freezer and a microwave. There’s also enough space for some lockers. There is also some clothes drawers and a large mirror and the right side of the kitchen.

Opposite wall is lined with viroc. Flooring and bathroom are also made of the same material. The advantage is that the panels are light enough to be able to be used as doors, so that this wall also has a hidden storage space, TV and also а table top, which is made of the same material. I like the idea not to have a built-in supporting leg for the table but to stick to the simplest solution in form of an additional table foot to be put in place when the table top is in use. The panel is heavy enough to rest securely on the leg. There is little place for chairs so on one side of the table the sitting is on a bench formed by the chest/ladder/nightstand.

vesta-mebel-blog-LegoApartment-Barbara Appolloni

The bathroom was transformed into a glass shower, which is located in the room with a small sink next to it. The toilet is separated in a niche next to the kitchen. It has a normal size, a window, and even some shelves for magazines.

Lego apartment

If you wonder where the bed is – it is hidden below the terrace and it has to be pulled out in order to be used. The whole furniture composition of the bed can be used in several different versions – as a step to the elevated terrace, as bench, as a storage, as a place to lounge and of course also as a bed with bedside tables on both sides that otherwise hide the bedlinen.

The biggest advantage of the Lego apartment are the two balconies – one in front of the apartment below and one above it, which is almost the same size and houses a bath for two with a hard cover that can be used for lounging. This is quite a large space, where the owner has hosted a parties for not less than 40 people simultaneously. As you can see in the video there is enough space to invite few people for dinner too. And if you think it looks like a loft apartment, you will not be far from the truth – the room was designed for water tanks for the building below.

Lego apartment Lego apartment Lego apartment

Unlike the Ewa Czerny’s apartment here one can not indulge in laziness – everything requires relocation, opening, closing or rearrangement in order to function, but as Christian sais, it actually keeps him in shape:

“At the end of the day, what do you need for living? You need a nice comfortable mattress, nice clean sheets, running water, a shower, and a stove to cook something … You don’t much more stuff.”

I find this a perfect home for a single person, but certainly not the best solution when it comes to couples. That is why the owner has already  a new home. And still, this way of life can be very suitable in certain stages of the life of everyone.

This is Christian Schallert‘s site. The project is made by Barbara Appolloni.

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