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I’m sure many of you have already opened the ski season! Not long ago I showed you some great winter residences from Montana (actually they are not for winter only, but I do tend to see these interiors as ment for ski holidays only), today I will focus on the European heart of skiing – Switzerland and in particular I will show you two beautiful chalets in Switzerland which interiors are designed by the Dutch studio Wolterinck.

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The two chalets are recently built but you can spot in the interiors both new and old wood, which gives a rustic look and reminiscence the mountains around. Wood, leather and wool are the main materials used and the colors are natural and muted. I admit I find it difficult to distinguish the one from the other chalet, although they obviously have somewhat mirrored plans, but I think their interiors are impressive enough even without being able to perfectly distinguish one from the other.

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Have a great weekend!

Interior design by Marcel Wolterinck, photography by Davide Lovatti for Elle Decoration UK.

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