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Recently, the news from Ukraine are pretty scary, but though fighting and devastation are shocking news and attract more readers in the media, there is another kind of news that deserve attention – as this impressive new interior of the great Ukrainian studio NOTT founded by the brothers Sergey and Alexander Gotvyansky in 2008.

The NOTT office and house, whose interior I am going to show you today are actualy situated prety close to all the fighting in Donetsk – the house is located in Dnipropetrovsk and was completed recently – the pictures were taken at the last week of January.  The new bigger house is built on the bank of a dam on the Dnieper, where was situated the summer dacha of the family. The owners decided to extend the old summer house and started the construction before turning to NOTT studio for the interior, so the projects was made hastly and decisions had to be taken on the go, but this wasn’t an obstacle for the great result at the end.

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After the reconstruction the old house contains only the kitchen and the bathroom on the first floor (at the end of the post you will find a plan with a graphic on which all of this is indicated). The new volume is attached to the old one through a wide corridor at the bottom of which a thin ladder with wooden steps on a metal bar is situated, which leads to the bedrooms on the second floor. Instead of railing a glass wall is used which is almost invisible and make the ladder look even more ethereal against the window, before which it is located. The corridor is visually distinguished from the other two volumes with wood paneling on the ceiling with a cross raster.

The living room is located diagonally across the kitchen at a lower level and has a greater height, which gives a more monumental feeling and also gives more space to the room. On the wall that conceals the kitchenbeautiful black and white photography and coffee table are placed to attract the eye and become a focus point accenting the major axis of the dwelling. On the opposite side – standing in the kitchen and looking towards the living room, the axis is highlighted with three narrow vertical slits in the wall, which bring daylight in one of the darkest areas of the building and also allows a view to the outside.

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The master bedroom occupies the entire volume above the old building. It has an unusual planning with a large dressing room, but also a bathtub and a sink incorporated into the interior of the room. Only the toilet is given a separate space at the end of the room just before the shower cabin. Above the living room two smaller bedrooms are placed .

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Interior project by Sergey Gotvyansky from studio NOTT. Photography by Andrey Avdeenko and Ivan Avdeenko as an assistant.

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