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The Swiss studio Buchner Brundler Architekten from Basel is obviously interested in concrete – they use it in various forms in most of their projects, as well as the minimalist approach and their particular interest in restoration and renovation of old buildings. I would even say they are true masters at turning plain boring buildings in something beautiful and attractive, and they do so with minimal intervention – exactly how the best designers approach their projects.

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Many of the studio’s projects deserve special attention, but today I choosed an older one (the project is from 2008, and the construction was completed in 2011) – a 200-year-old stone house with a modern interior – a restoration in Linescio in southern Switzerland. The project is still touring across the interior and architecture websites mostly because of its impressive contrast between the interior and the exterior of the building.


House built inside the original building. The place is still quite remote and preserves its traditional apperience, which is why the architects were inspired to preserve the old stone house and make as less as possible changes on the exterior, transforming it at the same time into a modern summer house. Heating and insulation aren’t unnecessary because the house is in use only in summers which allows both the preservation of the original walls and the use of the inner concrete shell that is molded on place through the roof – the old walls acting as a permanent shuttering on the outside, and the inside the bare concrete surface has the texture of the wooden slats used for formwork.

The two levels in the main volume are united, wooden shutters and doors with double height and the color and structure of the wood importe a bit of warm to the bare concrete surfaces.

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A video from the house by Luka Dogan.

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Another film from Luka Dogan, this time for another project of the Swiss studio, which, like the first, won the Beton Architecture Prize 2013

Found first in Simplicity Love. The Buchner Brundler Architekten‘s website (my site doesn’t support symbols from other alphabets unfortunatly, so I dont write the name exactly right). The pictures are taken by Ruedi Walti.

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