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If you too, as me, think a table should be flat, then you would make a mistake – Sofia Almqvist of the Swedish studio Kompaniet proves that nothing of what we take for granted, is actually a rule that can not be broken. And she shows it with her new project – the mass Umami, which hopes to bring people to eat in a sitting position. The modern Western civilization has recently started to forget more and more the art of eating – we have no time to sit quietly and pay attention to what we eat, thanks to all the other things we usualy do at the same time.

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The interesting thing in this unusual design is that the table has no longer a flat surface, but a lot of recesses on which it is difficult to put on phones or tablets. At the same time the specially designed bowls and plates fit perfectly into each scoop of the table surface. In some sense the unusual surface limits the possible actions that can be performed on it and at the same time makes the serving feels like a game.

The designer’s description:

In more and more homes, dinner is had in front of the TV, in the company of the computer or standing by the kitchen counter while talking on the phone. The sit-down meal, at the set table, appears to be losing both time and attention. This fact reflects the times we live in in many ways. Streamlining is central to our society. The meal thereby often means doing something else while you eat.

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I found the table in contemporist. The project can be found here. Photography by Petter Brandt.

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