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Cityscape is certainly not the most famous Bulgarian architectural studio but even if you can’t find them on the news and in television shows, they still have 12 years of hard work in architecture designing and I am sure that most citizens of Sofia know one of their landmark projects – the residential complex “Silver city “(behind “Billa” supermarket and the Paradise Center Mall on “Cherni vrah” Blvd.), which amazed me even during the construction works, and still impresses me with its unprecedented large and green terraces such that I have not seen anywhere else in Sofia and which certainly contribute for a nicer and more pleasant lilving conditions in all these homes.

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If you’ve never been in this part of Sofia, maybe you still have seen a Fantastico supermakert and how different it looks from the other supermakets in Sofia. This is because it’s Cityscape that deisgn their interiors.

Personaly for me, what I loke the most in this studio is that Cityscape are an absolute proof that women in architecture in my country may not be as loud and well known as are men, but their quality of work is the same or even higher. For those of you who don’t know anything about Bulgaria, I have to add that here we have as much women architects as men architects (the university accepts equal numbers of men and women and most women here don’t stay at home but work as much as their husbands), but at the same time it’s almost only male architects that apear in the news, the newspapers and the magazines. Needless to say, interior magazines are the exception. Probably that’s one of the reasons why arch. Gergana Milusheva, the studio’s founder, recently participated in the АrcVision “Women in architecture” contest in Bergamo, Italy.

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The latest initiative of the studio is not architectural but a design project. I personally find the architectural designing and the product design kind of the same thing but there is a significant difference between the work of designers and the architects and it lies not in the design process, but in the fact that the architect usually work for a particular client, while in most cases a designer works for an anonymous client or user or multiple users. Often, however, the architect switch from designing buildings to small design projects, or vice versa. One of the motivations for this, I guess, is that sometimes, while doing a specific project, an idea comes for a lamp, a table or a chair, that con’t be found in the stores or the catalogs designers usualy look for furniture and other products. Another reason is that the creative process can not be confined within certain limits and sometimes a change of perspective is proving a very fruitful and even a necessary endeavor.

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“We got involved with product design while making lighting from unconventional materials. Some of them found their place in our projects, other are stored in our models workshop, but all these attempts led to the creation of HONEY 1, and hence the whole family of lights. “

says arch. Michael Tzokov of Cityscape for CityBuildHome.



Such is the case with the Honey lights, that Cityscape and the furniture factory Bimex presented on March 25 in the co-working space Betahaus in Sofia. This is one of the very few Bulgarian projects for a complete set of lights, and it includes four types of lighting – two hanging and two standing, available in white, black and wood, but can also be ordered in other colors. Made of circles of MDF or veneered plywood and except for cutting, which is carried out accurately by a machine, everything else is done by hand – grinding, polishing (or putting oil), painting, assembly and of course packaging. The metal stand of the standing lamp is produced by Ikis, and sockets and bulbs are from Philips, whose Bulgarian representatives specifically choose the most appropriate models for the series.

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The lights from the serie can now be seen in several places in Sofia and they create a very pleasant and cozy atmosphere, one that I personally associate with honey and especially with warm tea with honey and the Winnie the Pooh’s pot of honey 😉 But the best thing about this design is that looks good and fits in various interiors and reminds us that a good design can happen in our country too, something that seemed forgotten in the last two or three years.

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All the pictures were kindly provided by the architects Vela Nikolova and Dobrina Peeva from studio Cityscape. More information about the lights can be found on their website.

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