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Orthodox Easter is coming this weekedn and I hope that I can still be useful with some of my favorite ideas for painting easter eggs. To see more click on the photos! (And do not forget that the first egg has to be colored in red!)

1. Natural dyes from Life Bites

vesta mebel blog-easter ideas - Life Bites

I always liked the idea of ​​painting with natural dyes, I’ve even tried couple of times, but my atempts weren’t as successful as Radostina’s from Life Bites and certainly I didn’t take such good photos then 🙂 Of course, right after reading her post I realized why I never managed to get saturated colors by natural means (I think only the red Danish blueberries were more or less some sort of a success) – I was soaking them in the mixtures for two or three hours, but I never have tought to leave the eggs in the solutions for a whole night! However, that’s why I’m providing a link to her blog rather than sharing my own picture – her colors are great – I particularly like that one from the coffee. The post is in Bulgaran only.

2. Lace eggs from Martha Stewart

vesta mebel blog-easter ideas - blue lace eggs

A very old idea, which I’ve tried many times and never had satisfying results. These blue eggs I found on Martha Stewart’s site and they are one of my most favorite Easter eggs ideas – very gentle and stylish!

3. Eggs with colorful spring flowers by Leslie

vesta mebel blog - decor8 leslie eggs

Leslie actually painted these eggs with paints, which I’m not sure that they are safe for eating afterwards (we do eat the easter eggs here), but they are very beautiful! Photos are taken for her rubric in decor8blog.

4.Washi tape instead of paint – Chelsea from LovelyIndeed

vesta mebel blog-washi tape eggs

If you are somewhere where dye for eggs are impossible to find but decorative tape is sold everywhere – this is a perfect idea. And even if you have paint – this egg with the green triangles is enough to convince me to at least try decorating with tape. 🙂

5. Pysanki from Vitamini Handmade

vesta mebel blog - pysanky

Apparently Ukrainians call their colored eggs Pysanky, but for Bulgarians wax painting is a traditional Bulgarian egg painting technique used with our traditional designs. Ours used to be mostly red so these look kind of strange to me but probably that’s why I like them so much.

6. Eggs with stripes from Martha Stewart

vesta mebel blog-martha stewart

I just adore these gently washed and soft colors!

7. Pure white eggs for all minimalists  

vesta mebel blog-white eggs

Well, those eggs can’t be eaten, but they are very beautiful.


Bonus ideas: 

vesta mebel blog-egg shape candles vesta mebel blog - egg candle

If you don’t want to dye eggs (or do not want to use real eggs for decoration – I mean, they last a little bit more if stored at the refrigerator) – then what about candles? Here are two great ideas – first is for candles in the shape of an egg, and the other – an egg shell, used for container of wax – something that can easily be done at home if you have a wick at hand. If you don’t have paraffin or wax, you can pour oil – the effect will be the same, only it would be better to be careful not to spill it.

I wish you all happy holidays!

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