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Amber from Raw Vegan Blonde‘s work is quite difficult to determine – it’s art, installation, and food all in one. It started with her passion for raw food and a healthy lifestyle. Besides healthy recipes, however, she makes beautiful designs from sliced fruits and vegetables, seasonally adjusted and that way she turns what we eat in art.

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At the end of the article you can see a video of her making a design for – she is doing it from April 16 to May 10 in their store on Kings Road in London. Also, I have choosen a few recipes that I would like to try, although I’m not vegan, and I think they will be interesting for everyone: a summer salad with pomegranate, pistachio and rose petals; a super berry smoothie; a vegan hot chocolate and these ice lollies that look great (you can find the recipes if you click on the photos below too).

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vesta mebel blog-recepta-moroccanvesta mebel blog-recepta redsmoothie
vesta mebel blog-recepta raw vegan hot-chocolate







vesta mebel blog-recepti ice lollies









Amber working:

vesta mebel blog-amba fruit5

Here is Amber’s site and some of her prints.

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