Three great ideas to use at home from Dream Hotel’s interior

Yesterday I showed you the gorgeous scandinavian interior of the Finnish Dream Hotel in Tampere. The scandinavian design looks too sterile and deprived of decoration to a lot of people, but actually its greatest advantages are not in the bright and neutral colors that predominate in the northern interiors but in the practical solutions designers find to some everyday problems, the small details that make good design good. Today I choosed three such ideas I found in the design the this hotel, which can be applied anywhere, regardless of the style, and I think they can be helpful to everyone.

1. Rotate a little bit the bed

When the room is small and there isn’t enough space for the bed, the best solution usually is to stuck it next to the wall. This location can be quite uncomfortable for the one sleeping on the inner side of the bed. In Dream Hotel they resolved the issue with turning the bed at a slight angle away from the side wall and they also put a step between it and the wall – small enough not to waste a lot of space, but it does enable one to get to this side of the bed easier. Thus they use maximum space betwenn the corner of the room to the door – that determines the width of the bed, but one doesn’t have the feeling one is accomodated in something close to a student dorm. To reach the same result you should select a bed with a frame as thin as possible. Also you can use the space under the bed for storing things. The lack of bedside tables can be compensated with some shallow shelves on the wall – whether over the heads of the sleeping or the other wall – a matter of choice, but remember to make them as shallow as possible so as not to create the impression that they loom over the sleepers’ heads.



2. DIY handles made from rope

Drawers’ handles on  in Dream Hotel are made of rope – this is a very easy DIY idea that besides being cheaper than putting regular handles, is quite impressive too. In some cases – such as here, where the drawers are actually free-standing and dragged on the ground (this requires a little bit more force for pulling them) – handles this type are even more functionable than the regular ones, because they give a better grip. For making them by yourself you will need to drill a hole in the selected location of the door, then you should pierce in it a little piece of rope tied at both ends to stop him slipping out of the hole. This isn’t suitable for drawers and doors made of chipboard, but the idea is great for wooden furniture and depending on the type and color of the chosen rope can even become a fresh accent for the furniture.


3. Upholstered chairs

These are actually armchairs in which you can relax and rest and enjoy yourself. As they are but some upholstered chairs, they don’t take as much space as regular armchairs. This can be a realy stylish accent in the interior, especially if one designer chair is choosen – like these About A Chair models of Hay we see in the Dream Hotel interior. They look good around a table (a coffee table or a dining one), but also standing alone – in the bedroom as an auxiliary chair, or as a place to read. This is an easy way to add some elegance and style in the interior and also these chairs are among the most ergonomic seats, making them comfortable even for work.

Design Studio Puisto

I hope I’ve been helpful enough! If you have other ideas I will be happy if share them here or on my facebook page!

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