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The day bed isn’t the your first choice when it comes to furnishing the living room. It was quite neglected for a long time, especially in Bulgaria, and I am very happy to see it experience a kind of rehabilitation and the day bed is once more re-located in the living room at least in some interiors. It can be used as a temporary solution, as is the case with the Moroccan day bed in Tina Fussell’s living room (pictures of the former state of the same living room here) – she can’t decide what kind of sofa to choose for the new look so she is using the day bed till the decision is made. A day bed is great for this retro interior in Stockholm where there isn’s space or even inclination to sprent caountless hours in front of a TV, but rather use the modernist day bed for it’s primal function – resting. Other common ideas can be found in the chaby chic and cottage interiors. Such a day bed made from old pallets on wheels and a reused door as an eco alternative to couch in the living room can be seen in this Texas rental house.

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I recently shared with you an example of a rather unusual location for the day bed – in the bathroom of this German apartment (the pictures above) with a bed designed by Wood Effects. I also like very much these stylish couches designed by Outofstock for Bolia. The bed was named Landscape because of where the inspiration fot it came from and can be seen below:

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