Ulrica Wihlborg from Sweden with love owns a small house in the coastal town of Karlshamn in southern Sweden, close to her parents’ summer house that is furnished with antiques from local markets dating back to the 19th century when their house was built. Many old tools and other objects found during the restoration of the house are also used in its interior, as are many hadnmade by her mother things. Pictures can be found in designsponge and flickr. Ulrica and her husband bought a summer house near her parents’ summer house and recently the family that previously lived in Los Angeles, moved to Sweden permanently.


The family was accustomed to live on large square footage, and the house was bought only as a summer residence. Also, since they bought it, the family has grown bigger with the birth of two more children so the family had to had to take advantage of all the tricks they could use to save space so they could all live normally in the small summer house with a total area of 112 sq. m. They drastically reduced the amount of property they own, and carefully considered each item that has a place in the house.

The house is very sunny and bright, so that special attention is paid to curtains. Floral motifs appear both as botanical prints on the walls in the living room, as well as patterns on pillows and blankets. The curtains are made to order by Raoul Textiles and along with other belongings of the family were sent by container overseas. Besides american furniture, there are some pieces from Swedish IKEA, and also native Swedish decoration ideas such as the decors on the windows to please the eye in the long winter evenings.


The two rooms of the children are devoid of bright colors (which overstimulate children) as well as plastic toys. The room of 3-year-old Liv has a vintage armchair, a gold-framed mirror, an upholstered headboard and plush toys tucked in an old metal container. The boys’ room includes their drawings framed on one wall, seed sacks mounted on canvas on another and an old Swedish school poster with two turtles on the wall where the desk is situated. The rooms aren’t furnished with the idea that they will have to change after a few years when the children grow up, but rather with the hope they will continue to like their rooms even after a while.

The furniture pieces too are chosen with the idea to look good even when getting old. Such a piece is the big wooden dining table from Shabby Chic Couture, which will wear out over time, but this will only make it more beautiful. Or the three vintage metal chairs around the kitchen island, where the children eat their breakfast or paint while their mother cooks dinner.


Via Lonny. By Ulrica Wihlborg.

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