Greece is a traditional destination for summer vacations or cruises by boat, but there are also many designer hotels and villas, that offer not only a unique atmosphere, but also very pleasant interiors that please the eye of every connoisseur. One such place is situated on the cost of Ithaca, the home of Odysseus.  It is a summer house, a beautiful Greek villa that has opened just recently. It’s called Villa Kalos,  which means “beautiful villa” from the Greek word “kalo” – “good, beautiful”. I find it a great name for a house, don’t you think? 

Just four years ago on place of the villa there was only an old dilapidated house, but it was bought by the South African photographers Gerda Genis and Robbert Koene and they gradually transformed it into a beautiful and welcoming guest house.

The villa is designed by the South African company Wynand Wilsenach Architects from Cape Town – this is were the owners live.

Find more on Villa Kalos‘ website. All photos are from the website and are taken by Robbert Koene.



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