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My name is Anna Dimitrova. I have a master degree in architecture, I work as an interior designer, and I sometimes design and sell furniture. I also studied Culture and History of Arts and I am passionate about photography, archeology and ethnology. I love hot drinks and handmade things. Sometimes I can’t stop myself from traveling, others I feel like staying at home all day long, but I always have a book or a magazine on hand. I spend a lot of my time browsing interior and decoration blogs and sites about architecture.

I am convinced that the search for new ideas is a continuous process and that each new thing has something to teach us, as long as it is given sufficient attention and analysis. I also think that taste and style are taught and constantly evolving and that you learn continuously. I write about interiors that I like and that interest me for various reasons, and also about my own experience in the field of interior designing.

I also have to add that English is not my first language, so please be patient with any mistakes I make – I am constantly trying to improve my English skills.